Week 4 – Activity – Mina Show

I found this activity a bit surprising! A activity that forces you to go out of your comfort zone. I being an introvert found this a bit difficult especially under a time restraint. Usually time to time, I do come out of my confort zone when it come to try new things or adventures per say. But none the less I had something in mind I wanted to try, which was kind of hard to record, even for my friends who were with me.

Drift-mobile ! 93 Accord *Not designed to drift,     but I still manage to do it!

Most of friends are car guys as we like to go Canyon running, build cars, and drift cars. Usually drifting my cars is bit hard, and I do ocassionally since my car is obviously not meant to drift. But the new typing of drifting I wanted to do required me to come out of my comfort zone a bit, since I was taking a big risk of potentially damging my tires and car severely. And worst of, if I crash the car that could mean serious trouble from my parents. Aslo that old 93 Accord is my only means of comute to school.

Hand Brake used for Drifting
Hand Brake used for Drifting

Well, I took the risk! I drifted my car on the turns of my friends neighborhood using only the handbrake! I did it for 3 rounds. First round I took it bit easy but second and third, I took my car to its near max potential. It was bit hard to record for me as I was the driver, but my friend tried to record it, but he was just flying to the other end of the car on every turn since my car tires would slide very quickly on the road. Each lap i took had about 4 or 5 turns, in which I tried to drift my car. It turned out to be fun but it required a lot of control and concentration from me as usually no one uses the hand brake while driving to break or turn. My wheel luckily weren’t to roughed up, and thank goodness I did not crash.

The wheel that does the drifting magic for me!
The wheel that does the drifting magic for me!

Now you probably wondering why I wanted to do this and if I would probably do this again. As for the first questions answer: I have always wanted to see the different in drifting a car using the e brake compare to the regular car breaks. And yup there was a big difference since drifting with the e brake felt bit more dangerous as the car tended to lose lot of traction on the turns to the point it sometimes turned on it own in both directions.Usually a car tends to drift in one direction, while the driver forces it to continue going on its own route. And would I do it again. Probably, but next time in a more open area to reduce risk of injury to myself, friends, and the car. Also not to bother the neighbors from the loud drifting noises !


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