Week 4 – Classmate Interview – Jacob


Today I got the pleasure to interview, Jacob! Jacob is a senior at CSULB who is majoring in Biology. Jacob and I got along very well as we talked a lot about our background, hobbies, and dreams! Jacob and I discovered many similarities and differences and between each other.

In our conversation I learned a lot about Jacob. Jacob is originally from Fresno, however, now he lives with his fiancee in Long Beach as she also CSULB! Beside Jacob being a Biology major at CSULB, Jacob contains himself in many activities that tend to keep him busy all day. Jacob is part of the Dental Club in which he is the Vice President! Jacob aspires to one day create and own his own Dental clinic. He really want to be a Dentist has he believe that having clean and healthy teeth is good for your body and self. Jacob also takes part in volunteering a Ronald McDonalds whenever he can. Also Jacob help out with on campus research and works at Outback Steak house. Yup Jacob is a very busy man!

Jacob maybe a busy man, but when he gets the chance to relax, he loves to go out and eat Sushi with his friends and family! And on his down time he loves to play his video games for as many hours as he can! Honestly that is one of the best feeling one could have. Just sitting down and playing the games you love. Just ignoring the stress the world give.

Jacob was a great guy to talk to and really enjoyed my conversation with him. Few things we had in common was that on our free time we both love to game and spend time with family/ friends!  I wish I didn’t forget to ask him about how he proposed to his fiancee! But Congrats to Jacob!


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