Week 5 – Classmate Interview – Chris Park


Last week I got the chance to interview a senior at CSULB, but this week I got to interview a new Freshman! Today I got the pleasure to interview Chris Park. Chris and I got along well as we talked a lot about our, hobbies, dreams, and lifestyles! As I talked to Chris I discovered the many difference and similarities we have!

So a bit about Chris: Chris is from Rancho Palo Verde, he is a freshman, loves music, and loves to watch movies! In fact before he came to CSULB he want to major in music since he use to be in a band with his friends back in high school! Some of his favorite music he loved to listen to are Indie, and Hip Hop! However, as time passed through his high school years he decided to attend CSULB to study film. On Chris’s free time Chris loves to play his guitar and watch tons of movies. As of recent Chris got the chance to watch three great movies: Interstellar , American Sniper, and Unbroken! I only got the chance to watch Unbroken, however, I have really want to watch the other two movies as I have heard many positive reviews! Watching movies is what Chris loves to do and due to this fact, he decided to major in Film. As a Film major, he dreams to one day create his own movies and work for the movie industry!

That was a bit about Chris’s dreams and aspirations, but he also shared a bit of his life style at CSULB. In his first semester, he use to commute on the daily. However, for him the commute was a bit difficult and time consuming, so he decided to dorm on campus this semester. Chris has been making many new friends while dorming! I sometimes wish I had the dorming experience, however, I only live 20 – 30 minutes away from CSULB so I rather help my parents save some money and commute! I do agree with Chris that commuting can be tough but I guess I have gotten use to it since I have now done it for about 3 and half semesters.  Chris also talked about some of his favorite classes he has had on campus and coincidentally, we both shared one favorite class! Communications!

So far this semester I have interview many students, and found that we both tend to have a far share of common interests and differences.  However Chris and I and had many different interests and we have different passions. I am the guy who like to play video games, hit the gym, and play out door sports, while Chris is the guy who loves to sit back and play music or relax and watch a movie! Plus our majors are like polar opposite,as I am a Computer Science major and he is a Film major! I always love meeting new people especially if they are lot different than me. Meeting new people like Chris always give me a new exposure to different activities to explore and also helps me learn more about people! I hope Chris continues enjoying his college experience and I know he will one day live up to his dream of working for the film industry!


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