Week 15 -Student Interview – Kevin Nyugen

kkKevin is a Computer Science major like me. He is a second year at CSULB just like me! In fact I  have seen him in some of my classes. We had CECS 100 , 274, Math 223 together and now we have Art 110 and CECS 277 together. Kevin is in lot of my classes! Freshman year and last summer we didn’t talk to each other alot, but as of this year we have, thanks to ART 100 and CECS 277! This semester I really got to learn about Kevin!The cool thing is that I’ll be seeing Kevin in my upper division courses too!!!

There are two main things I have noticed about Kevin this Semester! He rides a Penny board and he is a great programmer. Kevin just like many other students on campus rides a penny board. Riding a penny board makes covering the distance across the campus lot easier. Usually when I walk from the Theater arts building to the CS building it takes me a good 20 minutes. And when its hot the walk feels miserable. However, Kevin can cover the same distance in under 10 minutes with his penny board! When ever I see Kevin carrying a penny board, I sometimes feel like I should learn to ride on to! Kevin is also a great programmer! Our 277 Java class and professor is really tough, however, Kevin always finishes the assignment early!

I am glad that I got to know Kevin a lot better this semester after seeing him in many of my classes. Kevin is a great friend and person. I look forward to seeing Kevin in my future classes !


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