Week 15 – Artist Interview – Ashley Rowland


This week we had art work from many different artists. All artwork was from the CSULB School of Art! One artists art caught my eye this week. It was that of Ashley Roland. Her artwork reminded me of some of those old rpg video games I use to play. Her artwork consisted of Dragons, and other powerful creatures. In fact her artwork also looked as if it was design to be in a video game or was already in a game. Every character Rowland draws has a background story. Ever character has its reason for being created.

Rowland wish to work in a video game company in visual development. she plans to work on fantasy related games. The interesting thing is that i have always wanted to develop small indie games for iPhone and androids. More like video game app development. With every software that is made, there must be someone with the ability to make front end graphics. A game can be just code. It is the aesthetics and visual appeal. That’s when Ashley Rowland artwork comes in play!


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