Week 14 – Student Interview – Kat


This week I got the pleasure to meet Kat. This is Kat first year at CSULB and she really loves art! In fact she is thinking of major in Art, specifically in Printmaking. Through observing lot of art galleries and her past experiences with different types of art she feels that being an art major is the right choice! In my conversation with Kat this week, we mostly talked about art, our backgrounds, and hobbies.

Kat is original from Kansas City! And now she lives here to attend CSULB! But California is not her type of place. She doesn’t like the hot and dry weather did California sometimes gets. Kat is more of the Autumn / Fall person. She likes cooler weather! That being said, Kat has decided to move to the beautiful rainy city of Seattle once the semester comes to an end. Her goal is also to attend the University of Washington! I personally am not a fan of hot weather also, but i am just toooo attached to California, as I am born and raised here! Plus I like the Autumn, Spring and Fall weather here! Summers here, not really!

Kat also has many hobbies! Kat like to go hiking and she sings on her free time! My hobbies are bit typical of most boys. Play video games, sports, and hang out with friends. I personally cant remember the last time I have gone hiking! And as for singing…. I cant sing for my life! Kat is also big fan of desserts! Just recently she had a churro mixed with ice cream! Man that sounds so bomb! I wish I had that!

Besides talking about our hobbies and background,we also spoke about art. Kat favorite art she saw this year is the jewelry, and glass gallery! She also like the galleries that featured large paintings! My personal favorite was also the glass gallery. I also like Shihori detailed art work, and Katherine Cox’s Ceramic gallery! We both enjoyed looking at the galleries  this semester.

I had a great time talking to Kat! I hope she enjoys Seattle pursuing her art degree!


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