Week 13 – Artist Interview – Shihori Nakayama


I walk into Shihori Nakayama’s gallery and looked around and was like wooow! Ever single piece of art was very detailed and beautiful! In fact, after talking to her and reading about her art, I got to learn why her art is so detailed and stunning.


Obviously the first thing that came to mind was: Why is her art so detailed! Well, Shihori had one goal behind that. Shihori wants the viewers to engage in a world that is detail specific. She wants the viewer to look deep into it and be lost in that moment. Surprisingly that what exactly happen to me. I spent a good 10-15 minutes in her gallery looking at her art and it specifics. I looked at the different color schemes, to the art piece it self, to it fine details!


So what is her artwork specifically! Shihori basis of art come from both her imagination and photography. She draws mostly about whats important to her such as places and people. Her art has one special feature to it. When you first look at it, it seems all clustered and super detailed. However, the longer you look at it, you start to find something you recognize. After all said and done, the picture looks very clear to your eyes!

Shihori Nakayama art is one of my favorites I have seen all semester long. Its, beautiful, well detailed, and would love to see again! Check out Shihori Nakayama’s website at http://shihoriart.com/


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