Week 13- Student Interview – Ben Lee


This week I got the pleasure to meet Ben Lee. Ben is a Computer Engineer and he loves it as it his his passion. In fact his major is what complements my major computer science! His major deals with all the hardware programming and building while my major deals with coding the software that the hardware can run. Ben and I mostly talked about what classes we have together and which professors we have had. We also talked a bit about our passions and free time activities.

Ben and I took many similar classes since we still are sophomores. Usually Computer Engineering and Computer science share similar classes pre-requisite before moving on to upper division. We never been in same class but we have taken some of the same professors. We also talked about what we learned and what we liked about our classes.

Besides school Ben has many hobbies. In fact we shared two similar hobbies! We both love to play basketball and video games. He is however more of a pc type of guy. While I am more of a console type. One of his favorite games on the pc is the popular League of Legends. I have heard and talked to many people who have played that game and I think it might be time that I give it a shot!

Ben’s favorite fruit is Mango. He is not a big fan of American grown Mango since they aren’t as flavor full, but he loves mango’s from the Asian countries. I in particular like Indian and Mexican grown Mangoes as I have found them very sweet and delicious! I went on to ask if Ben had ever done anything crazy, dangerous, or reckless. But Ben hasn’t, as he isn’t that reckless type of person! I had a great time talking to Ben!


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