Week 12 – Activity – Art 110 Feedback/ Evaluation

Top 3 Favorites:

– Web Design: I have always wanted to create my own website, and I felt this was a great first step.

– Painting and Graffiti Art: This was by far my favorite! Buying spray cans and spraying art! No greater fun than that.

– Student Choice: I like this activity because it allows the student to try something on thier own and share it with the class through their blog!

Worst 3:

– New Media (Mina Show) – I like to sometimes go out of my comfort zone but only at my own will. But being told to do something out of my comfort zone as a assignment, not something I am a big fan off.

– Remix Culture: Pretty creative idea, but some of my ideas I want to do required a bit more time, so I wasn’t a fan of this assignment due to the time constraint.

– Sculpture Art: I put this here only because of the time of the semester it was assigned. I honestly wanted to really do it, but being overwhelmed with 3 computer science projects I found no time. It would have been better to assign it at the beginning of the semester. Nonetheless it is a great activity that I wish I could have done.

I enjoyed many of the activities you made us do this semester. They were creative and unique. These activities gave me a hands on learning experiance about different types of art, besides the traditional paintings/ drawing we imagine art to be. I also liked the idea of the artist and student conversation as that allowed me to meet and learn about other people and their talents. Only thing I was not a big fan of was the Tuesday class in UT-108. I wish we could have done a little more then going over the next assignment and grades leader board. I liked it when you shared our attendance cards, but as of recent I felt that you have stopped. Also since we write blogs for this class it would be cool if you could share students outstanding blogs/ activities etc. Nonetheless I really enjoyed the class, and thank you for being a great Professor!


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