Week 12 – Student Interview – Keyshon Taylor


This week I got the pleasure to meet Keyshon Taylor. Keyshon is a Business Major and at the moment he is debating to explore another major. In fact he thought of doing the major I am currently in. Computer Science! However, he still is not sure whether he want to switch or not. Keyshon is a big fan of sports and video games, and that what most of our conversation was about.

Keyshon lives on campus and is a freshman at csulb. I on the other hand do commute since I live close to campus. Keyshon really enjoys his dorming experience as he has had ton of fun! He got to go to a Clipper game, and Skyzone as of recently. Keyshon like I, loves watching basketball. He doesn’t necessarily have a favorite team but his favorite player is Steve Nash. He loves the way Steve Nash plays the game, as Nash is an excellent passer and three point shooter. I on the other hand am a hardcore Lakers fan . It doesn’t matter if the Lakers do bad or good, I will always root for them! Keyshon and I also talked a bit about who we thought would win MVP this year, and which young players are on rise.

The second topic Keyshon and I talked about was video gaming. We both are big video game fans. We both love are sports and action games. We shared with each other what our favorite games were, and we also talked about which games we were planing to get. The most common game we were interested in was Mortal Kombat. We both want the game however, we both have a low budget. But I am sure we both will find a way to play the game!

Keyshon and I had many similarities with very few differences. Besides our major being different, our hobbies and passions were in the same place. We both are video game and NBA fans! I had a great time speaking with Keyshon and I hope he gets his hands on Mortal Kombat!


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