Week 12 – Artist Interview – Katherine Cox

This week I got the opportunity to interview and check out Katherine Cox’s gallery! When I first walked in the gallery the first thing that caught my attention was her art work. It was not the traditional paintings you see! It was Ceramic art! Her gallery had caught my attention, thus I decided to interview her!

Katherine Cox’s art was a step more then the usual Ceramics art you see. When I say the usual, I mean just the figures, tiles, and tableware with a simple pattern that is still aesthetically appealing. Cox’s ceramic art was one step further! Each art piece held its own story! If you look at each and every single work closely there is story carved into the pots.

Anne by Katherine Cox

There was one piece of art that really caught my attention in her gallery. It was called Anne! On the piece there was a story of two people. From my interpretation it showed the life cycle of human life. You find someone, fall in love, get married, have some relationship issues, then move on to create your own family. That how I interpreted it, however, my buddy saw it as the typical problems we see in relationships around the world. Two people fall in love, and as relationship goes on, they get married. As problems arise in a relationship, domestic abuse starts to become present. The more I look at at all 5 sides of her artwork, I am more convince that my friend interpretation is more correct, however, I wish I asked Katherine herself about the art piece, but I had forgotten to ask her my question.

Katherine had many art piece similar to Anne that had  clear stories, the viewers can easily interpret. Nonetheless, I was impressed with her gallery and really enjoyed it!



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