Week 11 – Student Interview – Adam Price


This week I got the pleasure to meet Adam Price. Adam is a Mechanical Engineer. Adam main goal is to learn more about building medical devices as that is the field he wants to go in with his Mechanical Degree. My goals however are a bit different as my interest truly lies in build Application. By talking to Adam I was able to discover our similarities and differences!

A bit about Adam!  Adam was once a Computer Science major, however, he decided to change his major! It kind of interesting because I was once a Aerospace major, a major similar to mechanical engineering but now I am a Computer Science major. So its almost like we swapped roles. Adam loves to try different foods. As of recent he got the chance to eat some Indian food. He loved it! At school he is involved in the maker society. He loves to create 3d objects and art throw 3d printing. That awesome! I would love to try that one day! Adam is also the Vice President of a club. Adam has many things going in college! I honestly need to get more involved in school activities like Adam and many others!

I had a great time talking to Adam and learning about his goals and things he like in life! I one day would love to take a part in 3D printing, as I have always been meaning to do it!


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