Week 10 – Artist Interview – Dawn Ertl


This week I got the opportunity to interview and check out Dawn Ertl gallery! When I first walked in the gallery all the yarn hanging around caught my attention. Everything hanging around was made of yarn, plastic bags, strawberry crates and more! Her gallery had caught my attention, thus I decided to interview her!

The first thing that caught my attention was the largest piece of art in the gallery. ” On Nation Under God”. She started this piece of art about a year ago and used all the material mentioned above. Her piece was truly amazing as they were woven, shaped, and cut to represent her art! However there was a lot deeper mean to her art besides its own beauty! This led to my main question about her art!

My main question was about the materials she used for her art. Yarn was understandable but why plastic? Why strawbery crates?The plastic bags had a symbolic reason. Ertl used them to  brings attention to all the pollution and distruction in our enviroment. It something we dont give a thought to but after talking to her it reminded me how must damage we do to our enviroment.

She went on to explain how plastic materials are made from oil. She also explained why recycling and overuse of plastic bags are a big deal. What people dont understand is the fact the most recycling plants dont recycle plastic bags often due to the fact that it ruins their equipment and machines. Hence they are truly not recyclable. This logic makes it clear to me why we should use less plastic bags. In the future I myself will make it a effort to cut down my personal use of plastic bags!


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