Week 10 – Activity – Student Choice

                      Canyon Running!

This week we got to choose our own activity! Whenever students ask me: What is the most daring or dangerous thing you ever done or do occasionally, I answer canyon running. Most student will go on to ask what is that, what makes it so dangerous. So today I will dedicate my blog post to teaching and explaining how to Canyon Run.

When you think canyon running, you might literally be thinking ” running in a canyon. Oh no problem that is not scary or hard!” Well Canyon running is really just driving your car fast through canyons or mountains. Just like how they portray it in the Fast and Furious movies! Whiling climbing a mountain there are many sharp turns ( that can be blind), dirt roads, low lighting to no lighting at night, and narrow roads, some even just one lane, so you have no idea who is coming from the front at times. These roads to the top of the mountain can be about 30 miles one way.

That is just a brief overview of the environment we deal with. To canyon run you must have a car with solid breaks, cant be weak.Good tires, and a excellent driver. Excellent driver can be able to run the canyons very fast, without making any mistakes on turns! You cant just be a good driver, cause if you miss judge or not see a turn that can potentially lead to serious disaster, and maybe your own life. I have had a few close calls with my friends, its scary when that happens! Honestly, if you do this for the first few times you have to drive slow, and learn/ memorize every turn. Also you must start on easy canyons and mountains. By the way, if you get motion sickness easily, remember to take your medicine!

That is pretty much Canyon running in a nut shell! It is dangerous yet thrilling. To be a pro it takes a lot of practice. It also depends on the car you drive too! Those who plan to try it, try an easy canyon first, don’t go on the big scary ones! At the end of the day remember that your safety comes before anything, drive with the best control you are capable of and don’t be reckless!


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