Week 10- Classmate Interview – Soojin


This week I got the pleasure to interview Soojin Kim. Soojin and I went to the same high school but did not really know each other before Art 110. Soojin is a year younger than me as she is a freshman at CSULB. Most of our conversation was about our good old high school days as we shared many of our own stories and experiances.

A bit about Soojin! She is a Buisness major at the moment, she loves to go out and try different foods and drinks, and she is a former varsity water polo player. I however am a Computer Science major, and a former Track and Field athlete. On Soojin free time she loves to help coach the Cerritos High School Water Polo team as well as play with them. After all Soojin is a 3 time Varsity player so I know she is a great coach and mentor! On thing common between us was the fact that we like to eat out and drink boba. Soojin really likes boba!  It almost like a thing. If you live in Cerritos you like boba!

In high school we were both part of the Model United Nations (MUN) program. In this program you learn to debate and solve current world issues. Since she is a year younger than me, we never had the same classes. However, we did go on the same trips and confrences. Soojin and I spent most of our time reminesing about our times in MUN program. We talked about our favorite experiances we had on our trips to New York, UC Davis, and many more places.

I really enjoyed talking with Soojin as we had many stories to share with each other! Before talking to Soojin, I never really gave it a second thought to remember the good old days of high school. While high school may have been hard and competitive, there were also many great experiances. And talking to Soojin helped remind me how fun high school was!


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