Week 9 -Classmate Interview -Aleks Kivuls

This week I got the pleasure to meet Aleks Kivuls. Aleks is a Computer Science major and a sophomore just like I. Aleks main goal is learn more about Cyber Security as that is the field he wants to go in with his Computer Science Degree. In fact I share a similar interest as him, however, my interest truly lies in build Application. By talking to Alex I was able to discover our similarities and differences!

A bit about Aleks! On his free time he loves to game. He mostly plays pc games and is into indie games. He doesn’t have a particular favorite game since he loves most of the games he plays. Also when he purchases or plays games, he doesn’t care about their ratings since he feels it is subjectively bias. In fact we both agreed that the best way to rate a game is by playing it on her own. Besides gaming, Aleks is into playing volleyball. He is part of the csulb club team and he plays about 10 to 12 hours a week! Volleyball is his favorite sport to play!

In term of his interest in computer Science Aleks is into 3 things. He is in the ACM club where he works on projects related to computer science. Second, as I mentioned above, is the fact that he really want to learn Cyber Security. And third he is into Hackatons. He loves to go to Hackatons since he gets to meet new people and make cool projects.

Besides us two being the same major, we have many differences. I don’t play Volleyball but in fact play basketball. I am a member of Acm but not really active (but I should get on that). Lastly, I have never been to a Hackaton, but would love to have the experience one day. Talking to Aleks was a great pleasure!


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