Week 9 -Artist Interview – Sheila Ann Rodriguez

This week I visited Sheila Ann Rodriguez’s gallery, Uprooted! I decided to visit this gallery due to the fact that her art was made of wood that was threaded. Unfortunately I was not able to speak with her on Thursday since she was not there. However, since I was impressed with her work I still decided to write about her. All my information on today blog will be based of Rodriguez’s Artist Statement and my interpretation of her work.

IMG_0705 IMG_0706 IMG_0707

Rodriguez’s artwork is based of the idea of human relationships and home. She wants the viewers to understand the fact that humans maintain a deep relationship with a place they belong to. Rodriguez has personally moved many times and has discovered the fact that memories and home are linked. It is one of those things where if you remember a place you lived at at one point of life, you remember everything that went on there. For example, I use to live in Rancho Cucamonga about 8 years back. When I recall that home, I recall the room slept in,only having one sister at the time, going to mountain once every two weeks and all the kids I use to play with back than. However, if I recall the home I live in now, my memory creates a different connection. I remember the time my dad expanded our home to two stories, and also I recall all the new people I have met etc. I have only moved once in my life but I understand what Rodriguez is trying to show through her artwork.


In fact most of her art is based of the connections with memory and home. In her artwork she weaves, and works with texture and color of threads and materials. The threads resemble the internal networks and connections that link memory and home. And all the wood and threads that she colors, threads, and warps into her artwork resembles her emotional feeling of home. She gives us her view point of home!

Reading and looking at Sheila Ann Rodriguez artwork and Artist statement reminded me a bit about the old home I lived in. Also her work made me realize how much memories home brought to me.


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