Week 9: Activity – Adopt a Building

This week we had 3 different activities, that relate to the same topic. The first part was to create a cognitive map of CSULB. The second part was to adopt a building on campus. And last but not least, we are suppose to redesign the campus!

Cognitive Map

So my cognitive map only shows the building I have had classes in the past. And were those class are located. Also when I started to draw this map without thinking much of the details, I realized that I drew the two street I drive on to get to school first. Second I drew the parking structures, and third I ironically drew the building I have classes in, in the order of my schedule since last semester. Ironically the map I drew resembles the exact pattern of my daily school life.  My daily school life resembles taking the 605 here, then exiting on one of the two streets shown on the map, then heading to my classes.

cs bilding
ECS building

The building I decide to adopt is the ECS building. Most of my classes are in there and I tend to spend most of my time there. However this building has two major flaws. Since it was built in the 1980’s some parts of the building are not in tack. In fact the ceiling on each floor worry me the most. Some of the panels are dangling of, and look ready to fall of. Some of the other panels are loose, while some are all ready missing. My second concern is the computers. Most of the computers are old and need to be upgraded. Yes they get the job done (most of the time) but in terms of speed and the ability to work, these computer are lacking. Third is the elevator situation. They are old and losing functionality. They are by far the slowest elevator I been on on campus. I sometimes have to wait 5 to 7 minutes to get on an elevator.

Last but not least, is the part of redesigning the campus. Our campus has a ton of stairs like a ton! I fine with going up one pair of stairs, but two, three, four hell no! That’s to much. Especially the stair by the the Hall of Science and USU. I recommend that we escalators for every location you have to climb up alot. Such as between the USU and Hall of Science.


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