Week 8 – Artist Interview – Laura Scattergood

This week there were many interesting Galleries to look through. but art made of bullets! Who would resist to know more about that. Laura Scattergood made a couch with guns nested in side. A rug covering bullets. A mirror made of bullets. And she painted shooting range target. I curious about the meaning behind all this decided to interview her.


Laura gallery had lot of meaning nest it into it. It was more of a message to society. It was a reminder of all the school shooting and hatred that exist everywhere. These shooting have caught her attention and disturbs her. She believe the our society is slowing becoming individualistic compared to the past. She believed that in the past we always helped one another and worked as teams, but as time has been changing things are starting to differ.


In Laura gallery beside seeing the art work you see many strings  along the wall side that guides you to the centerpiece of her artwork. The couches nest with guns, the mirror made of ammunition, and the rug covering the ammunition. The mirror is there to make us the viewer look at our-self and interpret how we feel about the wrongs of society.The rug covering the ammunition represents our ignorance. Our ignorance to these stories, our quickness to leave these occurrence in the past. The couches with guns in it represent our inner angry and the painting of target practice on the walls represent peoples ability to attack others without giving a thought.


Laura art reminded my that our society is still not perfect. We maybe leaving perfect lives at the moment but others aren’t. People are getting shot at everyday, however, most of us don’t give a thought about it. Thank to Laura I was reminded about the other side of society. The sad side. However, I am hopeful that society can be fixed in the future to come!


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