Week 8 – Classmate Interview – Pablo Gonzalez


This week i got to meet and interview Pablo Gonzalez. Pablo is studying Mechanical Engineering at csulb. Pablo decided to major in Mechanical Engineering since both his parents are engineers. His dad specifically is a Mechanical Engineer and has inspired Pablo to follow his foot steps. Pablo wants to also have a great well paying job so he can support his family and live in ease when he is older!

Pablo decided to take art because he took Ceramics in high school.Pablo mentioned that he isn’t so great at art however, he still loves it. In fact Pablo specialty comes in writing. He loves to write. Writing is his form of art and expression! Pablo loves to write article on movies and comic books. He plans to also start his own website/ blog in which he will publish his articles. Writing articles for websites is also considered his part time job. He uses the money he earns to fund his hobbies!

Pablo is a commuter just like me, however, he commutes from Seal Beach! He lives with his parents at the moment but would love to join a Fraternity since he feels that he needs to be more social and out going! At the moment he is in the pledging process.

I had a great time talking with Pablo! He has great ambitions and hobbies and I hope he succeeds in joining his fraternity, and getting a well paying job with his major.


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