Week 8 – Activity – Remix Culture

Mashup of different art pieces!

This week the activity is a bit different compared to the past weeks. Remix Culture. Remix Culture can consist of combining photos, music, video, etc. However with everything you do, you must have the correct copyrights, as copyright laws are very strict. Above I made a college of 4 different art piece from 4 different weeks. Top left being a painting, top right being a mirror made out of ammunition, bottom right another painting however contains notes of the author, and last but not lease on the bottom left is art of juicing!

Instead of fiddling around with music videos, songs or other people picture I found that it is best to use my own stuff. Im not to familiar with all the copyright rules however i am aware that they are strict. I have seen tons of YouTube video go down just cause they used an artists song or made a reference from a company or famous person. To be honest, most of these copyright rules, make things hard to enjoy. It takes away creativity from the designer or creator of a remix.

Certain things like legal document or ideas of invention etc. make sense to have strict copyright laws, since these ideas can make or break someone. Take for example a engineer at Google came up with a new idea, however, a person from Yahoo overheard it and created his own for profit. This is where copyright laws are good. But now take for example youtubers. You-tubers mash things or change things up not to hurt anyone (most of the time) but instead to entertain people. Most you-tubers would admit that making video is a hobby not something they do as a living! This is were copyright laws should come in effect.


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