Week 7 – Artist Interview – Clare Samani

This week I jumped back to looking at paintings. I decided to explore the dutzi-gallery since there were many different styles of paintings made by many different CSULB student in the Arts program. In this gallery there was artwork portraying Woodcut, Silkscreen,Etching,Lithography and other artworks. To learn more about these different painting style I got to talk with Clare Samani.


Claire Samani described to us a bit about what etching is. Etching is pretty much the process in which artist design their artwork on a piece of Metal and dip it in acid, before placing the artwork on a piece of paper. When designing their work, they are actually carving it into the metal. After, the artist then dip it in acid. The acid burns the artwork into the metal. Once that process is done, the artist puts ink on top of the reshaped metal, and make sure the ink has filled the design. After the artist puts a paper on top of it, and rolls it through the press. The ink transfer to the paper and the artwork is than finished!


The second type of art Claire talked to us about was Woodcut, or better known as Relief painting. The art concept of carving everything that isn’t suppose to be printed applies here. Its almost like using a reverse mythology to create the art you want. Basically the artist carves the part that aren’t shown and then rolls ink over it to create the art piece.


The best part about view this weeks art was the tour. This was the first tour in art I got to go on! Claire let us look at the process of how these different types of art get created. We got to see a artist create an etching! The artist was actually making a ghost print of her art. She showed us the whole process and talked a bit about it. The ghost prints color tends to look more faded then the original, but none the less looks beautiful. We also got to see other art work such as one that was being made on a stone. We also saw all the tools and materials they use to make their unique artworks. Today week art gallery visit was a great experience as we got see a bit of the behind the scenes action!


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