Week 7 -Activity- Landscapes with a Corpse


Imagining our deaths is truly scary. There are so many ways a person can die from. Food, diseases, car accidents, natural cause etc. After pondering about it, it is highly likely that the chance of death can come from a few areas. One is my health problem I have had since childhood, two is a car accident, or three is from laughing way to much. I predict I will die from laughing too much.

As funny as it may sounds it could be true. My friends really really make me laugh. From the jokes the crack to the new activities they try. Most of the time it is the funny jokes we always crack, but the times i laugh the most i when they try something new. Just on Friday we all decided to eat super super spicy food. And before I tried it I got to see how my  friends reacted to spicy food. There reaction caused me to laugh soooo hard, to the point I fell of the couch laughing. I was literally crying to the point that when I stopped laughing I was totally out of breathe. It was felt almost as if I ran a 5 minute mile.

Just laughing alongside my friends can be a cause of my death. Hopefully that doesn’t happen, but if they make me laugh way to hard possibly. Ever time I laugh really hard, I tend to fall. And I guess if i fall wrong I could hurt myself. So yes laughing is very dangerous, if done super excessively, like me. I enjoy laughing but it could end up being a double edge sword!


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