Week 7 – Classmate Interview – Richard Truong

                     Richard Truong

This week I interviewed Richard. Richard is majoring in accounting and is a first year student at CSULB. In his future he plans to work for a bank! Our conversation first start by the simple question of: Why are you taking art? Richard replied like most people, saying that he needed to fulfill his art ge and would also like to learn more about art. We also talked a bit about college and high school as he prompted the discussion. We basically agreed that college felt less stressful than high school, since in high school we were focused on many different aspect such as grades, sat, extracurricular etc. From there on-wards we talked and shared with each other more about our-selfs.

It was funny how our conversation started after the first question about art. The first thing he said was that he is the guy who always draws boba on the attendance check in note-cards. I being curious asked him what his favorite boba was, as I myself loved Boba. Richard pretty much loves drinking all types of teas with Boba; while, on the other hand my favorite is Thai tea with boba! I went further to ask him if was one of those guys who needs Boba twice a day. And boom,he said yes! While I could go without Boba for more than a week, he must have it twice a day!

Now if you love Boba so much like Richard, there is only one of few place you can be from. I started to connect the puzzle. He commutes, he love boba, and high school was competitive. There was only on place I could imagine him from and I asked him if he was from Cerritos. And to no surprise he was! And even, better he went to Cerritos High School just like I! He went to the same high school as I did and I am meeting him for the first time in art. Wow the world is so small! It was so cool to discover that Richard was from the same place I was from and went to the same high school as me.

Before our conversation ended, we talked a bit about  motorcycles. Besides practicing Judo, Richard is trying to learn how to ride a motorcycle. Richard was inspired to ride motorcycles since he hates traffic when he commutes. He always noticed that motorcycles don’t have to deal with traffic as they can just weave there way through it. And since he loves the thrill of driving fast in his car, he kind of wants to try it on a motorcycle. But Richard is bit scared as it is bit dangerous. I’m pretty sure he would try it when traffic is to a minimum or when the freeways are empty so no one gets hurt!

I really enjoyed talking to Richard. Not only did I discover tons of similarities between us two, I was more than happy to discover that he was also from Cerritos just like I. We both shared in common a love for Boba, attending a tough competitive high school and our love for driving!


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