Week 6 – Artist Interview – Christine Fuqua

Last week I got the chance to see Sculpture art, but this week I got to see a new type of art that I see often, however never really viewed it as art till today. All those wooden tables and chairs I see at school, home, and other places, I never saw them as art, but just a tool we use in our daily lives. But after meeting and seeing Christine Fuqua art, I was convinced that those tables and chairs are all art!


Christine Fuqua specialty lies in wood art in which she manipulates wood and sands it to perfection. She believes that wood art requires about 20 percent of her time in shaping the wood into a design she wants, and the other 80 percent goes all into the sanding. The sanding it what helps shape and form the smooth texture in her art. Her art only uses wood from dead trees that are hazardous to students that are on campus. So no she is not a tree killer! My favorite piece of her art was the wood chair I loved how she made the chair legs with a complicated but beautiful wood design!


Christine first started as a photography major since she has a passion for photography. but after taking many different art classes, she feel in love with Art, specifically wood art, and decide to switch her major. Her major is technically considered as Studio Art. She still does photography on the side!


Christine wishes to work for Pete Nelson from Animal Planet. She wants to help him build tree houses! Also she wants to move to Portland Oregon and own her own house! She hates the sun and likes the gloomy/ rainy weather. In fact most of her art is based of off things you will see and find in Portland. She is also the type of person who likes to be told what to make as she feels that being told the idea and given the plan is lot easier than thinking and designing a plan on her own. She loves to create wood art not only for herself but also her friends.

Christine Fuqua wood art was amazing to see, and would like to see more of her art!



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