Week 6- Activity – Yarn Bombing

This weeks activity was a bit unique. Something I never heard of before! Yarn bombing! It was interesting watch the video clip in class about how to yarn bomb and what people do while yarn bombing.Yarn bombing is an interesting art that gives lot of color in society. To get a better idea of yarn bombing I visited our own fine art building to see some samples of art made of yarn. And after getting a better idea at school I tried it at home!

Awesome design made by CSULB SOA!

On Thursday after visiting the SOA gallery on campus, I toured through on of the fine arts buildings. It was actually my first time walking through the fine arts building and my experience was great and unique as I got to see what CSULB art students create. I was amazed when I walked up to the second floor. There was a whole wall full of art work made from mostly yarn and fiber. There wear dresses made out of fiber and purses made of yarn. What I found interesting also was that there was a price tag on it so I wonder if they are on sale? Anyways, looking at the fine arts building’s art gave me a good idea of what yarn bombing is like and what it consist of. In fact in the SOA gallery I saw some tree tied in yarn while leaving!


After getting few ideas I tried to do it at home. And man it was hard for me. The whole knitting process was killing me in the inside as I am a bit impatient. But yea I knitted a bit of the yarn and my sister decided to continue on with it as she saw me struggle. So I knitted about 50 percent of it while she did the other half. After, I decided to tie it outside on my tree but my mom thought I was crazy, so I tied it on one of the pillars that supported my house.

My attempt at yarn bombing!

My yarn bombing experience was a bit small and not so adventurous; however, it was a great learning experience. It made me look into something unique and something I never really heard of. In week two we had a graffiti art assignment which was pretty much bombing with paint. I found that a bit more easier as I was more familiar with the concept, so it came naturally to me. However, yarn bombing required me to do some research and knit. The knitting for me was lot harder than spray painting. None the less it was a great new experience and I plan to one day take it a bit further than what I did today.



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