Week 6 – Classmate Interview – Alexx dunk

      Alexx on the left!Me on the right!

Today I got the pleasure to interview, Jacob’s friend and fiancee Alexx! Alexx is a student at CSULB and is majoring in Biology as well as minoring in Chemistry. Alexx is also part of the dental club at CSULB and plans to be a dentist in the future! Alexx and I got along very well as we talked a lot about our hobbies and free time activities! Alexx and I discovered many similarities and differences between us!

We started of the conversation talking about where we were from and a bit about our origins. Alexx was not local like I. She is from San Diego!  However, her family and roots all come from England! My family and roots however came from India and Malaysia.From there we went to talking about travelling around the world! We both shared the common interest on wanting to travel the world! And went on to talk about where we have been and want to go.

Most of our conversation time spent was about our hobbies and free time activities. I started out by asking her what she does on her free time! Alexx loves to skate and as of recent she picked up snowboarding. In fact just a week or two ago, she went to Big Bear and hit the snow slopes! Man that sounds so fun! She also mentioned that she loves to game! She is a big Xbox one fan and loves to play Call of Duty Ghost on her free time.

When I asked Alexx about her favorite food, she said Cheese! At first I was like just Cheese, but then I realized that she really loves her cheese! She like almost all kinds of cheeses and she eats cheese sticks or just plain cheese on her free time. And when she goes out, she must get some type of food that contains cheese. She is always ordering a Mac and cheese and cheese Quesadiya anywhere she goes. She loves her cheese so much that even when she goes to her friends house, her friends have to hide their cheese, because they know Alexx will eat it! Alexx really really loves her cheese!

I had a great time interviewing Alexx as we talked about many different topics. Talking with Alexx really made me reminisce about my good old snowboarding and skiing days and made me want to try it again.  I personally not a big fan of eating plane cheese, but Alexx’s Cheese related stories and adventures made me hungry and gave me a craving for a pizza or Mac and Cheese !


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