Week 5 – Artist Interview – Brianna Allen

Mating Rituals IV

Its week 5 and this week was the first week I saw a gallery that did not contain paintings but instead sculpture like art! Making and creating figures, shapes, structures is what I have loved doing from childhood! For me it was from mostly legos when I was a kid. For Brianna it was the use of metal! Seeing that she and I shared a love for building things, it was naturally inclining for me to check her gallery out and she what she got!

In her gallery I saw an interesting mix of jewelry and sculptural metalwork’s. Her skills were strongly acquired through her lessons from the Metals and Jewelry program! I being a bit curious about her art decided to ask her few questions. The first was about why she had a mix of jewelry within her art. She went on to talk about how she wanted to become a jeweler and make money of off her designs. Interestingly, however, she came to CSULB since she wanted to take part in its Blacksmithing program!


This program helped shape her love for working with metal. Her being a perfectionist loved the idea of using metal since you can shape it in anyway you like, to your fullest content. And best of all the end result will stay the way you want it to stay! Also when dealing with metal Brianna mentioned that metal doesn’t break easily or tear so metal is the best way for her to perfect her art.


The art piece of hers that most caught my attention was Brianna’s “Mating Rituals IV.” It was a mix of both sand and metal. She made the playing board out of black and white sand while her piece where made of metal. Her love for Chess influenced this art piece and in my opinion she did an awesome job redesign the chess board and its pieces!

Looking at Brianna Allen art was very refreshing as it remind me that there is more to art that just paintings. Interestingly the first four weeks of art was mostly paintings but now things are getting a bit different which I like. Brianna Allen art was amazing and would love to see both her old and new art back in our CSULB SOA Gallery!


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