Week 5 – Activity – Kick Starter

Looking at all these different kick starters, started getting me thinking of one day creating my own project and perhaps even use kick starter to fund it! The first category I browsed was apparel! And the second category I browsed was technology. I browsed these category since I have always want to start or do a business in these categories, since I feel that these categories will help grow and progress society.

First project that caught my attention was : The T-Shirt You Can Play – Tic Tac Toe Tee

So this project I found was under the category of apparel! At the moment it has 47 backers and 4676$ in funding. At the moment they are short of their goal of 9000$ with only 9 days to go! I found this idea interesting and helpful to bring society more closer together. I always believed that the clothing we were tend to define who we are. Clothing can defines once personality,hobbies, character etc. But this project of using a simple game on a T-shirt is a brilliant idea! This is a great way to not only show that you are willing to interact with other you know or don’t know, but also its a simple way for people to connect!

Just like how a coin has two sides, the apparel side also has it bad or at least not so good side! I was not impressed by New Apparel Trend- Mirror T-shirts. The idea of a “mirror” like t shirt is a great idea however the content that is going on it is not so great. It holds to much negativity in my opinion. I am not surprised that the t-shirt has not been funded and recommend they write something that is more positive to society.

In the technology category the Prynt – The first instant camera case, caught my eye. When I travel the world I love taking pictures, and there have been many time in the past where distant family members or even random people I have been with that have always requested me to send them the picture so that they could print on for themselves. The advancement of technology has made it easy to email pictures to family and friends, but why not just print it on the spot! The Prynt signature feature! People like I and the older generation really value having the physical photo, as we can put it in a frame or hang it on a wall.  By no surprise this kickstarter has made double the amount of funding they needed and I believe their idea will be a great contribution to society.

I like the concept of getting kids to be active and not sitting on their butts all day playing video games; however, if someone want to get kids to be fit, stay active, and not stare at a screen there is a better way to do it than building an app for it. By building an app you still are encouraging kids to be hooked on an electronic device while exercising. Why not just put your kid on a city league sports team or just let them play outside. There shouldn’t have to be an app to tell you to do that!


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