Week 4 – Artist Interview – Haley Toyama & Liz Talbot

For this weeks art display, there were many different paintings to look at. All unique in their own way. But this week I was curious to discover ” Southern California” painting, as this is where we live. I was curious to see which spots, locations, or attributes of So Cal the artist selected to paint. There pictures amazed me and reminded me of the area we live in. Sometimes I feel like I live in the Cerritos / Long Beach bubble to much, however, Haley Toyama, Emily Babbette, and Liz Talbot art reminded me that there was more to California that I have not seen and seen in the past. On Thursday I was lucky enough to get a chance to interview and meet Haley Toyama and Liz Talbot and learn more about there art. Emily Babbette was not able to make it.

Haley Toyama “Used Cars”

Haley and Liz both believe that light is what shapes art. They both mentioned that light can detect saturation, shadows, and most of all it lights up the painting. It give the painting a feel to it! Their paintings were designed to give a different feel under different lights. Haley and Liz believed that the theme of light is truly important to there art as it is designed to control the perspective of their art.

Haley Toyama " Decent Donuts"
Haley Toyama ” Decent Donuts”

Haley and Liz also gave a bit of insight about themselves when we asked a few questions about them. One of the questions asked was about their personal preferences about art types. And to my surprise they both shared the same answer. They both prefer Oil painting and they also like using graphite and water colors. However, they both disliked charcoal. Haley and Liz also have an interest in animation art, and a both desire to get a Masters in Fine Art.

Haley Toyama " Parking"
Haley Toyama ” Parking”

There is something that was interesting with the color Scheme that Haley Toyama uses in her paintings. I didn’t notice it at first until my friend  Kevin spotted it out. Haley uses the color pink in most of her paintings just like the one above. Kevin and I were curious so we asked her about why she used the color pink. She said that pink and blue tend to strongly reveal gender. So by her using pink in most of her artworks it allows her art to give of a feminine glow or feel.

Both artist gave great insightful information on there art and depicted what they saw about California through their artwork! I would have loved to share a picture of these two lovely artist, however, they preferred not to. However, I wish that you look at there artwork as I believe that an artists art piece can tell a lot about the artist!


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