Week 3 – Activity – Instagram

This week we had an interesting activity. Instagram! Never thought in my whole educational life that this would be an activity. However, this activity had great meaning as it was a unique way to find out if we have similar habits and activities as our fellow classmates. Our goal here was to discover if our CSULB students feel like a community or somewhat disconnected.

                     Early Morning Fog!

It was early morning 7 am when i decided to take my first picture.I took the picture of the view right outside my house. A super foggy morning with just a few flowers shining bright. I was then of on my way to CSULB for my 8 am class. I also labeled the picture as ” CSULB commute life” to show what my daily life school life consist of . To no surprise i found few other students who had took similar photos of the fog or the streets or traffic etc. It proved that our school is in fact a commuter school as many students tend to commute. In this aspect i found CSULB students to be somewhat part of the commuter community as only we would know the pain of commuting due to the fact that we face traffic, parking, and gas expenses.


One of the other pictures I took was one of the paintings I saw at the art gallery. To my surprise alot of other people took similar pictures also! It amazed me when I read many of the Instagram post captions since I never new that many people just like I loved seeing art. Art amazed many of us students, and it seems that it is one common thing CSULB students like to see and discover.

CSULB at Night
                      CSULB at Night

Finally one of the last post I had taken on the day was when I was leaving campus. I was walking out with my friend that day and I took that picture to record and congratulate myself on finishing my first programming project of the year. Usually i am never here on campus till late, so i thought it would be fitting to take a picture of campus at night to record my rare day. Impressively I was on campus from 8 am to 8 pm, which I had never done before. Obviously also looked through the art 110 Instagram post, I did not find much similarities due to the fact that no one usually stay on campus that long. It was predictable.

This day truly ended up being unique. The Instagram assignment helped open my eyes to the similarities and differences i shared with other CSULB students. I thought this assignment was pretty creative and would totally recommend any other teacher from CSULB or a different school to try something as unique as this.


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