Week 3 – Classmate Interview – Julian Pineda

Julian Pineda
Julian Pineda

I arrived at the SOA courtyard a bit early. About 10 minutes before we got to meet the artists. There were few other students waiting, so I decided to talk to the person I was waiting next to. His name was Julian Pineda! Our conversation started out casual as we talked a bit about the Instagram project, we then went on to interview each other on both our dreams and background!

I started out the conversation by asking him the common question of why he took Art 110 and why he liked art! Julian just like I, wanted to learn more about art , its history, and how he could become better at art! After we discussed a bit about art, I asked him a bit about his background and what he strives to become. Julian, only 18 years old, had a few things in common with me while having many difference.

Julian shared with me that when he was young he always want to be an astronaut. Yup, the guy who wanted to go on the moon! His love for space had really inspired him when he was a kid. He just like I, once had thought of becoming an aerospace major before entering college. My goal; however, was not to really go into space but instead built space shuttles and spacecrafts. Ironically we both decided to not venture on that dream, as we both found a new one to seek. I went on to take on the Computer Science major, while Julian decided to take on Criminal Justice. I took on Computer Science since I wanted to become and app developer and video game project manager, but Julian reasons behind becoming a Criminal Justice major drastically differs from others who share his major.

For Julian it was becoming and FBI agent. Julian was inspired by one of his family relatives, who also is an FBI agent! His goal was to help society grow and maintain peace. Julian also mentioned that he enjoys to help people! Also, Julian went on to describe what he wanted to do after being an FBI agent. Julian wanted to be a ranger in the military! Yes the guy who is on the front line in battle! Man Julian is a daredevil!!! That takes lot of courage! Props to him! He said that the only set back of being a Ranger was that he would usually get shot at first, so he was not to sure at the moment how he would plan on handling that but he nonetheless looked forward to becoming an Ranger!

When I get the chance to meet new people, I am always discovering something new, unique or even similar. With Julian our similarities shared were in our childhood dreams. However, us being older now has nested us towards different dreams. And for Julian it was to become a FBI agent and a Military Ranger. I was a bit surprise to hear that he wanted to be a military ranger as that is one of the most dangerous job one can become, but from his tone of confidence and excitement I know the Julian will not only become a great FBI agent but also become a courageous Military Ranger!


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