Week 3 – Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kwak

Gatov -West Gallery featuring most of Yireh Elaine Kwak paintings!

I really love seeing new and different styles of art and on Thursday I was excited to see more! I walked through every single gallery at least twice. However I walked around the Werby Gallery (Gatov- West) a good seven to eight times! Yireh Elanine Kwak oil and paper painting really caught my eye. All her Oil painting were very colorful and depicted lot of nature! I wanted to know more about her art so I joined the crowd surrounding her to ask questions.

Yireh poses in front of her ” Walk in the Park” Painting.

I came in just at the perfect time. She was just finished introducing her name and artistic theme that resembled her art. She labeled her art as ” Conflicting Landscapes.” It was interesting because most of her art was inspired by home! Yireh described that she use to live on a hill surrounded by lot of nature. In fact her backyard had a great view of a golf course! Due to her being surrounded by nature, her art started to revolve around nature! One of Yireh biggest and most significant painting was the Triptick style art piece called ” Walk in the Park”. Yireh said this was one of her hardest paintings to paint due to the fact that it consisted of three panels in which she had to paint each panel in perfect sync and relation to the other panels. Each strongly designed panel put together contributed to a strong beauty defying masterpiece of nature!

“Conflicting Landscapes” – The artist theme behind Yireh Elaine Kwak artwork!

Yireh mainly did oil painting as she felt it was more professional. However, she also had a love for painting on just regular paper. Yireh said she was usually paint two art pieces at a time. One Oil and one Paper. Why? Yireh believed that it help her thought flow better and also she felt that painting on paper relieved some stress on her muscles and advance her art skills! Her painting depicted red-lands waterfalls, and many other aspects of nature!

Yireh Elaine Kwak painting “Jumble”

Yireh different artistic style really caught my eye on Thursday. Her art not only shows how talented she is but also depicts the strong beauty of nature. Her art was very refreshing and soothing to the eye. I would love to see more of her paintng in our CSULB gallery in the future!


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