Week 2 Activity – Spray Painting

Spray painting results of my name!

Its Super Bowl Sunday morning and my friends and I were planning to go to Venice Beach to Spray paint. However, after reading the rules we weren’t ready. Especial since we lived far away and had limited time due to the fact that we had a super bowl party to attend to. However, the Super Bowl didn’t stop us from Spray painting. We decided to Spray paint at the end of the Super Bowl Game which ended up being perfect.

It was interesting because I have never spray painted before so I had no idea what to expect. I bought some gray spray paint and used my friend black spray paint. We used the gray spray paint to do the text borders and the black spray paint to fill it. While spraying in my name with the black spray paint I came across two issues. First was the cardboard ended up to be to small and second issue I came across was not having enough black spray paint. I ran out of the black spray paint on the letter ‘e’ of my name. To fix the problem, I grab the plasti -dip in the trunk of my car. The plasti-dip was originally used for maintaining the color of my car, so I thought it was best to finish the last two letters in black plasti- dip.

Spray paint we used in the process!
Spray paint we used in the process!

The cardboard problem’s solution was unique. I spray painted the ‘m’ sideways and then cut that part of the board and turned it to match the rest of my name. The second issue with the board was that it was too small. I couldn’t find more card board in the house so I just worked with it. My friend helped me spray in the borders in gray, and we were pretty much done.

The spray painting was okay I guess for the first time doing it but I and my friends were a bit disappointed. However, we were all happy to have this new experience. We learned that it requires a bit more planning and time. We do plan on going to Venice beach one day and creating our own spray paint artwork. Today experience was amazing and I would love to do it again.


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