Week 2 – Classmate Interview – Kevin Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen standing by the Merlino Gallaery
Kevin Nguyen standing by the Merlino Gallery

Kevin and I were drawing our art piece on a small index card outside the Gotav gallery. As we finished, we shared with each other what we drew! Kevin then took the initiative and started our interview to get to know each other better. Kevin had prompted the first question that was first ask on the first day of school. ” What does art mean to you?” I shared my opinion and said that I ” truly felt that art has its own uniqueness that has the ability to give our world an aesthetic design.”  I had redirected the question right back at Kevin as I myself wanted to know his view point. Kevin not only agreed with me, but he add that art has the ability to show a unique form expression that no other means can compare too. Kevin went on to say that art has also the ability to express oneself emotions and feelings.

I went on to then ask Kevin why he decided to join the Art 110 class that we were enrolled in. Kevin went on to speak about how he wants to use art to look into his inner self and make art to be personal. Kevin than ask me the same question and I went on to share a similar opinion and added that I want to learn more about arts origins and how it came about! I hope that I just like Kevin will be able to find my inner self through art! That would be awesome!

I got a bit more curious about him as I felt that we might share some more similarities.  I fired away more question! I started with Kevin’s major. It turned out that he was computer science major just like me! I followed up by asking Kevin why he chose this particular major. Kevin went on to add that his love for being on the computer encouraged him to choose his major. We then bonded on the relationship between Art and Computer Science.We talked about its similarities and differences. For those who don’t know, Computer Science is just like another form of art! You can design projects with characters, objects, backgrounds, or any other purpose solely through the ability of coding. Just like how art has the ability to express, one can give life and expression to different objects in a program!

We both shared many similarities from not only our Computer Science background but also from our opinions on art! I am looking forward to joining Kevin this semester on discovering the meaning of art both to our-self and the world!


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