Week 2- Artist Interview – Gianina Nunez

On Thursday I came across a great new experience !  Never in my last 2 years at CSULB  I had visited our on campus art gallery. And impress enough, I have walked by it a 1000 times while getting to my classes! How did I miss this! CSULB had 4 of its own galleries which featured different styles of art. But what caught my eyes the most was Gianina Nunez’s art.

Her Love Always Gallery had 11 still -life paintings which incorporate many special  handwritten notes, letters, and cards that were given to her by her family and friends. It all started when she received a birthday card from one of her friends on her 13th birthday. Her friend had put her heart and soul to design her a special card. Gianina being touched by her friend caring efforts, started to save and use handwritten letters and card in her art pieces!

"Two Doves"
First painting in gallery which featured Gianina art style of blending loved ones notes into art!

All 11 still -life art pieces Gianina created all held there own respective memory to her. Each of her art pieces are designed to ” give the viewer a feeling of memory that is intimately meaningful in my life. – Gianina Nunez” Looking through her art work started to jog my own memory. Especially when I came across the painting on the right side of the wall: ” The Beginnings.” It took me a bit done memory lane. when I talked to her about the picture, she had told me that this was the first painting she ever created. She was not sure how it would come out, since she was trying to incorporate many ideas. But she said that as she continued to work on this piece she only got better and better. It had reminded me of my first time I started drawing. Before middle school I could only draw stick figures, but because my sister was got at drawing and painting I wanted to get better. It was middle school when I finally sat down to draw my first art piece. Just like Gianina, the more and more I drew the better I got. Her art piece reminded me that its always the first step you complete that can spring you forward! Just like Gianina, my first drawing lead me to create many more!

" The Beginnings" - By Gianina Nunez
Gianina Nunez first ever art piece created, ” The Beginnings ” included a blend of her artistic skills and her loved ones notes.

Her gallery has a unique attribute that you would not see anywhere else!  As I talked to her more about her goals and achievements she shared that she wants to get more into abstract art and would also like to teach children how draw and paint! She even showed me one of her abstract pieces she was working on! It was awesome! I would love to come back to her gallery and check out both her new and old pieces of art as they were truly beautiful and unique!


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