Week 1 – Activity – Web Design

Porsche 911 – Redesigned!

There are 3 things in life that influence and surround us that we barely give thought to. Culture, Technology, and Art! I believe that Culture is what makes us who we we are today as culture is truly defined by the people that surrounded us and the activities and beliefs we share with them. On the other hand technology is what defines our human advancements. From the day we created the first wheel to the our latest achievement in electronics, technology truly define our human potential to advance in society.  My definition of art however is a bit unique from the norm as I don’t see art as just only painting and drawing. Art to me is just anything that creates a unique yet beautiful design that contributes to society in some way or aspect. Tall skyscrapers, fancy cities, cars, theme parks, sculptures, nature, clothing styles etc. are all examples of what I believe defines art! Culture,Technology, and Art is what truly defines who we are!!!


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